Writing is so much cheaper than therapy, and you can drink while you do it!

Writing is so much cheaper than therapy, and you can drink while you do it!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Oh. There I am.

Yeah, yeah...it's been a while.
I'm busy. Two kids, life, flu.....
more flu, house guests, turmoil, creative differences, pity parties.

AND saving the universe from unscrupulous resellers....

 There is a seller on Amazon called any_book.  Wow.  I had to file many claims to finally get them to stop listing my stuff fraudulently.  Before you buy anything from them on Amazon, take a look at their feedback rating. Don't be fooled by the 5 stars, look at their percentage rate. Last time I looked it was 94%. Lots of 1 star feedback. That says a lot.
That battle kept me busy.

This blog carried on without me.

But you know what? I discovered this blog is a clearing house for monkey pics. I'm apparently the go-to gal for every odd simian pic you are looking for on teh interwebz. And let's not forget a shout out to the e-cig spammers.

Don't I feel special? Am I going to stop blogging? Naw. Whatever. I amuse myself with the postings here, and really isn't that why I write?

I'm still looking for an agent. That's been daunting, and an exercise or exorcise in self loathing and insanity.  I receive great feedback, but it's the standard WHILE WE LOVE THIS PROJECT WE JUST DON'T FEEL IT'S A GOOD FIT FOR OUR AGENCY or the good old "We just don't know where to market this. Perhaps another agent will have more luck."
So I've been taking a break. Stepping back to let the novels breathe for a bit.  Yeah. that's it.

My nose is ground flat from constant application to the grindstone.
 In happier news the hubster and I just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary:
Aren't we a lovely pair?  He's my sweet babboo. Oh yeah.

I caught pneumonia for two months and quit smoking.  I immediately gained 10 pounds.
Screw that! Oh, my lovely little clove cigars, I'm sorry I abandoned you. I've come to my senses.

Nothing says I'm sorry like chain smoking.  The conundrum -- pudgy but pink lunged or svelt(ish) and tar-coated? Need you even ask?

Plus there's that whole image thing. The writer who doesn't smoke and drink is the writer who doesn't write. Never mind what I said about my little break. Just because I'm not typing doesn't mean I'm not storing up ideas.
That's sophistication. Ayup.

With time off from my writing (the pity party I referenced earlier in this post) I've been able to have some quality gal pal time. The Divine YaYas. The Cackle Pack.  I've discovered a number of things that go well with rum, including little juice boxes.  This could get scary! heh.
Hey girl! WeeWa and Foi. Good times.

And my world is complete now with the return of The Walking Dead.
Who doesn't love zombies? Eh? And here's a question: Were you just as disappointed as I was that the zombie apocalypse didn't happen? 12/21/2012 was suuuuuch a let down. I mean really! All that build up and nothing, not even a ripple in the space time continuum. Sure we had the meteor over Russia recently, but even that was pretty ptttfp. Maybe it dispersed microbes that will start the plague! Ooh!

Not that I'm actively condoning the dead rising to eat brains and make havoc, but it would be better entertainment than C-Span and the current budget cuts.

So to all the fans of random monkey pics, I thank you for your google prowess. Here's a token of my gratitude.

(That's me hosting a PTA function at my daughter's school. What can I say? I'm a Rock and Roll Mom in Heathers world.)

That's all I've got. You wanted more? Maybe tomorrow.

5X5 (yeah, my thumb is tucked, but four is the new five. )
-- Foinah