Writing is so much cheaper than therapy, and you can drink while you do it!

Writing is so much cheaper than therapy, and you can drink while you do it!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wow. It's Tuesday. How'd that happen? I lost a day...or two.

Oh yeah...St. Pat's or as I affectionately call it : Stereotype Celebration Day, ate Sunday.  And then Monday was spent trying to figure out what happened. Well, and then Tuesday. Oi.

What a fine time I had on Saturday. Met up with old friends, toasted home with Jameson Irish Whiskey, got a tattoo... Holy Feck I got a tattoo. Hahahaha...sigh. The place was two doors down from the pub. Snerk.
In honour of my muse and namesake, I had 1780 tattooed on the outside of my shot-taking hand.
That's the year John Jameson (Saints preserve him...more than the whiskey already did), opened the Jameson Distillery in Ireland. So he was Scottish. So what? There's a whole kerfuffle over Bushmills versus Jameson. When I was growing up in Belfast, it was widely known that Bushmills wouldn't hire a catholic from a Republican area. So I won't drink the stuff.  But the jokes on me. The French own the distillery now. But Hubris tastes like Sweet, Sweet Uische Baithe.
I digress...

I GOT A FECKIN' TATTOO ON MY HAND? Oi. Cackle ™ My mom would be so proud.

Had to shave the monkey fur to get to the skin :

Now onto the good stuff!
THE WALKING DEAD!!!!! What an amazing season finale!  The Farm! The Herd! Rick going all Shane psycho and dictator man! Michone! Armless ghouls on a leash FTW! I can't wait to see what they do with her character.  I've enjoyed the divergence between the graphic novels and the television series. Hmmmm...will Lori and her baby die in season 3? I hope so. Snerk.  Herschel's character became so bad ass. What are your thoughts?

Speaking of graphic novels...
Mike showed me the new artwork for WEEKU. Looking good! We are going to try and get a partial layout set up sometime this week. I'm using a cool program for the layout...I love technology!
Any suggestions on what you (the graphic novelists in the crowd) use?

I've been thinking of tossing some more short story collections up on Amazon for Kindle. Formatting is such a pain in my big, monkey butt though! Ugh. I aslo have some fantastic ideas for short stories lately. But I must find time to get them written.

(Image lifted from here)

Tomorrow I go for another dead hobo graft. Weeeeeeeeeee. Dead hobo in my mouth! (Better than a live one I'd wager) 
I wonder if that's why I've been craving dumpster food lately? Or wearing newspaper pants?
Heh. Give me a quarter or I'll touch ya!

Here's a cage match question of the day :


Image copyright Marvel Comics

Chuck Norris vs. Captain Trips. Run with it.

Tonight is the season finale of THE RIVER.  I hope there are more zombies.

Now that these shows are on hiatus maybe I can get some writing done!!!

Cheers. Ta. Squish squish and all that rot.
Until Thursday, I bid you Adoodoo.



  1. I think that Chuck Norris is filled with awesome, but I think he would have met his match in Captain Trips. Randall Flagg, the Walking Dude, he's some scary mojo-wielding kind of crazy!

  2. When I think "Captain Trips", I think Jerry Garcia... I was all set to say it would be Norris in a walkover, but Garcia would win in the posterity stakes, for the tale of his death would become a well-loved country-blues ballad.

    I don't know who this Captain is. Never miiiind!

  3. heh! Randall Flagg was the big, bad meanie in Stephen King's THE STAND. Trips was a character in the graphic novel and Captain Trips was the disease that wiped out humanity.

    But I'd pay money to see a Jerry Garcia/Chuck Norris mash up.


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